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at first I'd thought someone at El Reg had finally "seen the light" on this one. Then it became obvious it was satire. At first it appeared to be GOOD satire, because it was based on truth. Yee Haw! Then it degraded into "getting our digs in" and stopped being an enjoyable read.

Not so much 'trolling', but nice try, maybe.

"Pandering to the perception" is *NOT* comedy. It's like a bunch of grade school children making fun of the kid that is different, making up stories about him, and laughing and satirizing at those stories as if they were true. But they're not. And teachers/parents would tell those kids to shut the HELL up and apologize for acting that way [or an equivalent thing].

Like I mentioned, it started off well, but then degraded into the usual tripe I'd expect from MSNBC or CNN. Too bad, because it could have been a good one, and I'd be laughing, too.

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