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5 reasons why America's Ctrl-Z on net neutrality rules is a GOOD thing

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" what values instilled as a child - leads someone to be able to stand up in front of the entire nation and make provably false claims"

**_WHAT_** "provably false claims" are you referring to?

Sorry, I do not *feel*, I *THINK*, and I also think you're full of crap on this.

Ajit Pai is RIGHT. De-regulation is CORRECT. it is NOT the business of the FCC to take over internet as if it were a telephone system, using ~80 year old laws to govern it.

Question: If _YOUR_ ISP was filtering your content or not allowing you access to things, would you STAY with them? Do you not have a CHOICE? If ISPs in *MY* area were doing things like that, not only would I find a boatload of investors to create a NEW ISP, I'd *RUN* the thing myself and make sure that NEVER happens! The customer, not the gummint, not special interests, but THE CUSTOMER, would determine the level of service, and COMPETITION would quickly weed out the 'bad actors'.

Have you not considered the possibility that those who so loudly claim they want "net neutality" (and Obaka-era FCC regs were NOT 'net neutrality' at ALL) are often those who do not want to PAY FOR what they ACTUALLY USE ??? And the BIG BUSINESSES and CORPORATIONS that "the snowflakes" seem to HATE so much (Google, Facebook, Microsoft) have LOBBYISTS working for them, *CRAFTING* the Obaka-era regs JUST FOR THEM, while SELLING IT as "freedom" (when it's *NOT*), and then YOU ALL REALLY *FEEL* [not think] that THEY are not behaving as you FEAR the other corporations (ISPs) are???

The snark of the article was disappointing. Well, time will prove *ME* (and Mr. Pai) correct, I'm sure, because the principles of "light touch" regulation, smaller government, lower taxes, and MORE INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM *_ALWAYS_* works EVERY time it is tried! And heavy-handed socialistic "equalize outcome" "everyone gets the same" thinking ONLY creates MEDIOCRITY and DIS-SATISFACTION and DISAPPOINTMENT! And the "haves" will STILL ALWAYS have what THEY want [through lobbying and corrupt political maneuvers], but the have-nots will simply NEVER be able to get what the "haves" have, if they cannot BUY it. Heavy-handed regulation, SOCIALISM, and GOVERNMENT CONTROL will _ONLY_ make sure that individuals, YOU, stay IN YOUR PLACE, and *NEVER* advance to the point where you have ANYTHING that resembles what "the elite" get to have. You're not WORTHY of the "elite" life style, because THEY know what is BEST for YOU [so it becomes "shut up and eat your mediocrity"].

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