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5 reasons why America's Ctrl-Z on net neutrality rules is a GOOD thing


Well-thought out and well-researched article.

My best congrats. Excuse me whilst I light a ciggie -- Philip Morris has assured us they cause no harm -- and pop some oxycontin (non-addicting, according to the makers). For after all, corporations always do the right thing, just as you note in your article. Fine work!

You know, back when I was starting out in the WoW (World of Work, not World of Warcraft) some people thought that the abbreviation "inc" stood for "innit for the cash", and that the only business of business was to make money for owners and investors. Who knew that once the Invisible Hand of Capitalism's self-interest had us tight by the nads, we would ... enjoy the squeeze.

Because squeeze they will.

Just as you say, we are going to enjoy it, and smile as the Invisible Hand tightens on our jewels.

Thank you, Ajit Pai, sir! May yours rupture.

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