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No need for a law degree,

While there is no need formally, it is nearly impossible to take it without two degrees. 90%+ of people people taking them have two degrees. Few start with law and add a technical later, most start with technical and add one of the specialized degrees such as offered by UCL, Queen Mary and a few other Russel group universities (not even all of them). While you can try to take it without the second degree, I wish you luck (while going to buy some popcorn).

and the EP exams are actually easier than the UK patent attorney exams (which are closed book, and horrible) The joy of common law trying to make peace with Napoleonic law. Fully agree - I know people who have had to sit them 6+ times to get the grade. While the EPO exams are bad, the UK exam borders on the clinically insane.

No such thing as an EU patent attorney: it's EPA (European Patent Attorney). I stand corrected, thanks.

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