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So what happened with the patent judge and the Euro Patent Office?

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People need to go, yet the flawed system remains...

You see this happening so many times and the reason for it can easily be traced back to the hierarchy of power which many involved secretly lung for, even if they don't admit to that or appear to be really in for fair play and democratic behavior.

See: the problem I often have with stories such as these is that every single time when you read about someone abusing their power or their position within a hierarchy then this news is often leaked. 9 out of 10 times people surrounding the culprit leak information hoping that the press catches on and that the wheels of justice (?) start spinning.

When there's enough foul play going then people get relieved from their positions or also not uncommon: they get transferred to another position and/or job so that they can basically continue doing what they do best but at a position where this is less taxing. Everyone happy, all is well again right?

Well, no. Because has it never occurred to anyone that no one ever seems to bother about the system, the very hierarchy, which led to this abuse of power in the first place? Sometimes it's not just the people which need to go, but the very system itself which allowed for the power abuse to occur in the first place also needs to be addressed and improved. Yet that's something you hardly see happening.

Which makes it really hard for me to take any of this too seriously. For me it's all the same: a pissing contest, with the major difference that we all get to suffer from this because obviously all of this is paid for from the taxpayers money.

I'll even go one step further: at least the African dictators don't make a secret about it where their main priorities lie: themselves. In Europe dozens of people within the political hierarchy easily claim to serve the democratic process but reality shows something quite different. And there's nothing you or I can do because failsaves are something most politicians never heard off.

And even if they did it would be something which is usually undesirable. After all: some day it might be you who gets into that position of power, and you certainly don't want to take actions which could "negatively" affects that, do you?

Meh, time for the beer icon :P

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