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"If you are going to give examples of failure, at least give examples of failure. I think everything you mentioned is actually still in progress."

Ok, you've asked for it, it's all a google search away if you want to check yourself.

"Gigafactory - production ramping up."

Really ? Why Tesla bought batteries for South Australia "thing" from Samsung only 3 months ago ? Regardless of that Gigafactory is just an old Panasonic equipment from Beijing factory and does not look anything like it was promised to be.

"Hyperloop - people starting to build prototypes."

Google Maglev Loop for a starter. There's no prototypes. There's nothing whatsoever. There's even no Hyperloop One company thatt is working on it, it's all once a week conference call.

"Powerwell - installations going on around the world. Related - Pueta Rico and the Australian thing that just went online."

Try to place order one for a starter. They don't exist.

"Solar Shingles - early days, but still going and a great idea."

Oh you don't know that SolarCity was owned by Musk's cousin and that's exactly why it was "bought" out on a verge of bankruptcy, do you ?

"Constellation/Global Broadband (same thing) - Two prototype satellites going up early next year."

Ahaha. 4500 satellites over 5 years - you can figure out how many car sized satellites need to be launched every day to reach that number yourself.

"Boring Company - currently building a test tunnel."

14 metres long using old sewer drilling rig he bought for cheap. He needs it to channel all bullshit from Tesla office.

"Model 3 production ramping as we speak."

Right... all 262 of them, assembled manually.

"SpaceX - undercutting its competitors by a considerable margin and now launches about half the worlds satellites. "

Again marketing garbage from Musk, you don't even know that there's two different Falcon 9, one that can return and one that can actually deliver some load to the orbit and they're still no competitor to Chinese and Russians.

Look, I understand it's not what Musk wants you to know when he mumbles another bullshit from the stage but you can figure that out yourself.

Problem is you don't want to.

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