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Elon Musk finally admits Tesla is building its own custom AI chips

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"Say anything negative about Tesla (even with justification) on a related forum and watch the hate come out."

That I can definitely agree with. However, that's something you'll see happening everywhere. In a way you could even argue that on behalf of Tesla ;)

But I do agree on some points that there's a lot of hype surrounding some of the things with Musk does. Up to such height that no one bothers about details anymore, even if they are pretty important.

Take the Hyperloop. Has no one spotted the massive amounts of rust which you can see forming on the inside of the currently build test track? Every time a reporter films and gives you a shot of the inside then you can see it for yourself. That's not an example of good engineering and it can cause many problems in the future, but it seems no one cares. Each to their own but if you know what rust actually is, what it does and what effect it can have then yeah...

Things like that often surprise me.

But.. one way to find out.

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