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The one I remember was when I was out of the country at a customer. My last day there was a long one, I knew it would be, so I booked a late flight home. This ended up being delayed so I got some overpriced food at the airport. I got home in the early hours.

When I came to claim for this, I was told I couldn't, because I had returned home that night, therefore wasn't on a business trip and should have prepared and cooked a meal at 2 in the morning, before getting up a few hours later to go to work. The policy apparently was that you could only claim if you were staying away.

I returned to the same customer and this time, I booked a lunch time flight home. I put in a claim for a whole day of work, which will inevitably have been passed on to the customer. If they had complained about this, I didn't care. When I escalated the claim through management I was told to make up a claim that would get through the system.

Just one reason I left.....

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