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> Except Steve Jobs actually delivered something and almost always on time and built most profitable company in the world

He had some stumbles along the way... The Lisa was too pricey, the Pixar Imaging Computer failed to be adopted by medical scanning staff - though it did make Jobs a billionaire after his continued finding of the company led to an Oscar - and NeXT wasn't widely adopted, though Tim Berniers-Lee did something interesting with it... and it got Jobs back into Apple. Still, Jobs cared about what he did.

Musk cares too. Whether or not AI emerges as a threat, there are other threats that on a long enough timescale are inevitable, such as a whopping great meteorite wiping us out. Spreading our eggs across more than basket is reaction to that. The only other way we can avoid being wiped out is to have some meteor interception technology - this can only be aided by having cheap and reliable access to space. Either escaping that threat or averting it rely upon the sort of stuff SpaceX does.

Other threats include nuclear war, a nutter with a desktop viral DNA synthesiser, wars over resources, crop failure etc.

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