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If you are going to give examples of failure, at least give examples of failure. I think everything you mentioned is actually still in progress. Failures happen when they fail. And none of the examples you have given have failed, in fact, most of them are successes. And having read you post, were you being sarcastic? Because after I wrote the below I realised that everything you wrote was actually the exact opposite of whats actually happening.

Gigafactory - production ramping up.

Hyperloop - people starting to build prototypes.

Powerwell - installations going on around the world. Related - Pueta Rico and the Australian thing that just went online.

Solar Shingles - early days, but still going and a great idea.

Constellation/Global Broadband (same thing) - Two prototype satellites going up early next year.

Boring Company - currently building a test tunnel.

Model 3 production ramping as we speak.

SpaceX - undercutting its competitors by a considerable margin and now launches about half the worlds satellites. And is bringing back boosters for reuse. Whether they use them is up to SpaceX, some already used, the F9H is two reused cores. Block 5 about to come on line which is the final variant and should be good for 100 flights each.

Of course, any of the above might not pan out, but to claim any of them are failures at this point is clearly absolutely incorrect.

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