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"Computer Says No"

Ha, I had that experience, but from an IBM colleague in Bangalore. I was trying to get a phone login set up, so I could use the hotdesks at one location, so I filled out the form. After several weeks, the reply came back 'Denied, insufficient capacity' .... so I emailed them, and they explained they had created as many accounts as there were telephones, so there was no more capacity. I tried to explain they were hotdesks, and as I was sat at one, with a phone right in front of me, capacity wasn't a problem. "But what if someone we have already issued an ID to wants to use the phone?" they replied,.... 'Well, they could get into the office earlier,and get a desk, but as I'm here, and these desks are first come, first served, I get the desk, and the phone',.... I gave up attending the office at that point and did permanent wfh, .... with my own phone.

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