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No, this is self correcting. The only reason they outsource is cost, they certainly would prefer to have staff here in the local language and time zone. Once enough people become jobless, wages will drop and the "living wage" will be forgotten about since all of the supporting roles will go as well (coffee shops are part funded by IT staff!). At some point, India/China/Etc. will begin ramping up their wages as expectations rise and they start believing that every person is entitled to high speed Internet, XBOX, big screen TV and hookers. They will introduce minimum wages and gradually work up to the point that the UK becomes cheaper.

This all might happen when Brexit goes live and we become bankrupt, so not long to wait now...

FWIW the IMF and EU are there to tax and redistribute wealth already. The issue is that the wealthy nations all feel ripped off and try to get out of paying. This leads to destabilisation and war in the same way as reducing tax/benefits at a local level leads to rising crime and violence.

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