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Let's flip this one around..

“In a reality where nations are in conflict, it’s a real, hard fact that other anti-virus vendors are of US origin, paying US taxes and subject to the power of the US government which has been found to enjoy overreach wherever it can get away with it, supported by organisations with a global reach whose sole modus operandi is to grab data from wherever they can get away with it and hide behind their US jursidiction. Therefore it would be grossly irresponsible of any nation who has already experienced global crashes, data theft and other enthusiasm for entirely ignoring the protections citizens enjoy in Europe to be using any US, let alone something so deeply embedded as an antivirus engine.”

In the light of Snowden and Schrems, there is no valid reason whatsoever for any EU government, business and end user to trust a vendor of US origin. None whatsoever.

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