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Brit bank Barclays' Kaspersky Lab diss: It's cyber balkanisation, hiss infosec bods

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Would they like to advise me about what to do with a site that demands Internet Explorer only to transfer potentially millions of pounds on a website that forces us to use out-of-date Gemalto smartcard signing software (which we can't upgrade without it being unsupported) via ActiveX and which doesn't work any other way?

I'll be sure to leap right on their security advice after they sort that out, as well as that the BACS people demand we use the up-to-date version or THEY won't support us either. Oh, and this is some six months down the line of trying to get the right readers, smartcards and software to do what we've always previously done before.

Because sure as hell that doesn't sound like they have our security at the forefront of their minds to me.

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