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"4. Android STILL lets you set up a phone to install applications "not from the store""

But they DON'T allow you to designate any other "trusted" repository other than Google. Meaning repos like F-Droid and independent apps like Amazon have to take roundabout approaches to updating themselves and so on.

"5. Search engine has "privacy mode" if you want it."

ONLY because it's paper-thin and they're able to glean as much as they need simply from the search request itself (which is baseline HTTP and therefore impossible to avoid; no scripts means NoScript won't save you). I suspect Facebook takes the same approach to its buttons, able to glean much just from the baseline request.

"6. google drive/docs gives you free storage and (user-based) file sharing for limited online storage that's a fairly large capacity (last I checked). businesses can pay extra for business-related cloud storage stuff."

But that means they get carte blanche on your data. Same with Gmail.

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