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Shannon Jacobs

Implementing his solution via tax policy? Dream on...

This article would be counter-evidence against the idiocy of #PresidentTweety's America except that I bet most of you (especially you Americans) have never heard of this guy and he is NEVER going to have any influential political office. I would go farther and say that none of the REAL Trumpsters could understand a word he's saying.

Having said that, I strongly agree with him and even believe tax policy could and probably should be the main tool to implement his ideas. I think there should be a progressive tax on corporate profits, where market share (and dominance) is the metric raising the tax rates of excessively large and monopolistic corporations. It would NOT be a penalty for success, but rather a strong inducement to reproduce the good ideas, creating MORE choices and freedom for everyone.

In contrast, the current system is solely focused on increasing corporate profits. Most of that has become a fantasy, too, since it is often tied to imaginary market caps based on fantasy stock prices.

Not going to invest more time just now, but if I notice your interest, maybe I'll go beyond this elevator summary:

Capitalism is dead. Communism, too. Today we worship corporate cancerism. There is no gawd but profit, and Apple is gawd's chief prophet. The google is only around #7 on the list of prophets.

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