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£160m ploughed into 5G is a fair sum. Shame the tech doesn't really exist

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"Worked so well in Hull, eh? Bugger all competition and higher prices, the usual jam tomorrow promises about FTTP."

You might want to talk to one of the more vociferous quality-focused ISPs about how well "competition" has served the needs of the wholesale connectivity buyer. AAISP, for example, seem to be finding that the shine (careful) is wearing off TalkTalk's ISP-centric product range. BT's wholesale products have never had much shine, and now they're absolutely full of shi*e.

Or for FTTP, competition has brought the UK (and Australia) the comedy ISP family FibreCity/CityFibre and assorted relations.

I haven't got all day, so I'll just note that competition on its own delivers nothing (just ask people waiting for Yodel/Hermes/etc).

Competence has to count for something.

Joined up thinking might count for something too. Smartmeters (if they were ever going to be viable) would have worked better with something approaching 100% mobile internet coverage. So why not connect the two and share the costs and the benefits. No, corporate competition doesn't allow that.

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