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£160m ploughed into 5G is a fair sum. Shame the tech doesn't really exist


Ah, political speak

"... minister Matt Hancock, who earlier this month said he has travelled all over the world and has yet to see a country as far ahead with 5G trials as the UK ..."

Presumably "I have yet to see" means "I didn't look properly, to enable me to lie with plausible deniability".

I'll add this to my Translation Guide to Politicians' Statements, which already includes such gems as—

"I mis-spoke" = "I lied and got caught doing it"

"My words have been taken out of context" = "I lied a LOT"

"I don't recognise that {incriminating} interpretation" = "I'm gonna keep lying till the proof is published"

and the all-time weasel—

"I apologise if some people took offence" = "I'm too much of a turd to apologise honestly for my offensive behaviour"

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