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"In fairness, what is there positive to report?"

1. Android dev tools are a free download

2. LOTS of free documentation and support for Android dev tools

3. Getting a 'google API' key is essentially FREE [except in high volume API usage cases, like maps]

4. Android STILL lets you set up a phone to install applications "not from the store"

5. Search engine has "privacy mode" if you want it.

6. google drive/docs gives you free storage and (user-based) file sharing for limited online storage that's a fairly large capacity (last I checked). businesses can pay extra for business-related cloud storage stuff.

7. You don't have to log in in order to use the more popular "things"

8. Google maps, also free to use. Embedding them is also free, for doing development or for 'small bandwidth' sites (needs an API key).

The only "bad" they seem to do is tracking you personally, based on your search patterns (if you tell them it's ok, that is), and possibly hoovering up your e-mail and documents stored on their servers [but if you encrypted everything, it wouldn't matter]. Pretty much everything else is fine with me.

I find that Google's privacy policy is moderately acceptable, in that I can tell them NOT to track. But I _still_ use 'Duck Duck Go' for searching.

As for Faece-Bitch they can just shrivel up and die a horrible death, as far as I'm concerned. They completely malfunction with 'NoScript' running. Laughable.

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