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woefully misinformed

No, sorry some software development based on mostly prior art is NOT innovation. That's mostly what Facebook and Google contribute. Most of Google & Facebook contributions to opensource are simply development.

Hardly any software ever is innovative. It's just tedious hard work!

CAR Hoare's Quick Sort was innovative software.

Xerox Windows GUI with bitmapped graphics, menus and mouse was innovative.

The first graphical web browser was innovative.

Nor did I say that Google bought in or copied everything. However what PRODUCT or SERVICE of significance is a Google innovation?

PageRank concept isn't a Google idea!

Big corporations and the specific pressure of High Tech companies to outsource to their cloud is toxic to civilisation.

They are sucking up and suppressing talent. They suppress staff that think outside their box. They are uninterested in innovation, only interested in domination.

They suck money out of the world economy.

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