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Amazon … one-click patent, or Apple "look and feel"

Two other separate issues.

I've quite separate criticism of Apple and Amazon, who are completely different. Amazon is the dangerous one, not Apple.

Amazon is like the Borg, hoovering up competition. See what they have bought. Goodreads, Abe Books, Book Depository, the two companies they merged to make CreateSpace and IMDB are tip of the iceberg. Their "prime" is predatory to consumers and cheats authors.

Apple has bought in most of their "innovation". Nearly went bust and was rescued by MS money. iTunes and Operator packages made iPod and iPhone a success. Don't confuse "Design Patents" (UK Registered Design) and actual Patents. US Patent system broken since Victorian era. Edison over exploited it so eventually his bogus Cinema patents (the reason for Hollywood) struck out. Apple less than 2% on R&D and like a dragon on their cash hoard. At the end of the day no-one is forced to buy any Apple stuff and they don't have any kind of monopoly. They are not a Borg like Amazon. They have bought only a few companies very strategic to their few products, Fingerworks for iOS touch and an ARM design house so they could switch from Samsung CPUs (first iPhone was SC6400 Samsung family ARM). Though the last really innovative Apple product was the Newton, killed by Jobs on his return. If the iTunes (not Job's idea) hadn't saved Apple via iPod, some Chinese company might own the Mac brand today. (c.f. Thinkpad). The exclusive operator and all you can eat data when other smart phones could only be afforded by Corporate users cemented Apple as a consumer success.

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