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"Maybe the Darwin Awards need a sub-section"

You're on to something there.

Q: How to raise the population's average IQ by weeding the stupid from the gene pool?

A: Create lots of ridiculous food and drink fads, with basically pointless idiocies like, oh, say, internet-connected kettles; expensive machines to squeeze juice for you; "special" anti-oxidant smoothies that are actually less healthy than just eating fresh fruit (but ten times the cost); or some absurd wheeze to sell coffee with added fat ... and include the newly Crispr'd virus which silently brings on sterility.

Catch enough nitwits with more money than sense *before* they've had a chance to breed, and you have a brilliant way to improve the gene pool and get rich.

For ages I've been wondering what was the point behind all these imbecilically superficial fads—now I take my hat off to the cunning genius of this diabolical plot.

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