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You will be surprised how digital BMW really is... and snotty little upstarts like Uber and Google will have a lot to learn still... BMW et al (and especially Volvo & Saab)


Why do you mention SAAB, you mean the auto-manufactuer once owned by GM, who went bankrupt in late 2011 or the truck company called Scania Automotive AB now part of Volkswagen Group?

SAAB where nice cars for Nordic winters, but selling 50K a year was far too little to survive without the GM koffers. They were trial and tested, not much advanded electronics there compared to Volvo. Which is another chapter. Owned by Chineese Geely, still doing most of the design and production in Sweden/Netherlands. but with two megafactories in China with lots of free capacity it is just a matter of time before their high end models go the same way.

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