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I think WP is still in use in some law firms - it was popular with that industry. Corel is still selling it, so perhaps it has some advocates :) From the Wikipedia page on Corel: "In March 2005 Corel announced that the United States Justice Department purchased 50,000 licenses of WordPerfect "

Back in the 90's the Govt of Canada used Corel office exclusively, probably because Michael Cowpland, and his trophy wife, lived a short distance from Parliament, and an even shorter distance from the PM's official residence.

As a civil servant back then, I used the Corel suite - I even handed out about 100 copies of the CD when assigned abroad. Back then some folks thought it was great (and the price was right...). After we cut over to MS Office, it took a little while to transition to MS Word because we had become so used to WP.

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