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For all its faults...

...Excel is my favourite application, bar none, and my version of choice is Excel 2000 - you can keep all the fancy gimmick features and ribbons! I cut my teeth on SuperCalc 4 in, I think, 1988, by taking home the manual and trying out stuff on the one PC in the accounts office! I thought it was ace, and so did my boss when he saw what I could do, especially as I was only a temp :) Then I started training as an accountant and moved on to Lotus 1-2-3 v2, which was a backward step from SuperCalc 5 (which was 3D and I had upgraded to). Then I bought myself Excel 3 with the offer that came with my first Windows PC, and that got me a job working on Excel 4, and so on. Along the way I was a 1-2-3 v3 guru (but it was horrible compared to Excel), and bought myself Lotus Improv and Quattro Pro (and still have the floppies and manuals) but they never got any traction despite being superior at the time (Betamax/VHS anyone?). Like the writer I have an unused copy (of Office 2010) which would be my 2nd choice if I ever need to abandon 2000, but that would only happen if I had to abandon Windows 7, which isn't likely so it will probably stay in its packet. I left accountancy for IT 20 years ago btw.

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