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You've just given me a great idea for an app.

It combines voice recognition, voice synthesis and a simple Eliza-bot. Get a call from one of these wankers and hand it off to customer-bot, who will keep them talking for hours.

They're stupid enough to fall for it. They really are.

Last one I got happened to be when I was in a relatively good mood. So I gave him three options.

1) I can keep you talking for an hour, asking stupid questions and wasting your time, then say I'm not interested.

2) I can shout obscenities at you until you hang up.

3) You can hang up right now.

The stupid fucker went for option 2. He didn't explicitly ask for it, he just continued to try to sell me whatever it was he was selling as though I hadn't just given him those options, or he was too stupid to understand what they meant. One or the other, because he seemed genuinely taken aback when I started swearing at him.

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