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"The reason the BBC keeps reporting negative Brexit stories is because that's all there are"

"All the reports I've heard so far are predictions of things getting worse"

"What's the BBC to do? Make up positive spin? That's the Government's job."

I think those lines sum up the problem pretty well. All you have heard are negative stories, all the BBC reports is negative and then you mention the governments job of spin yet the BBC and the gov are pretty much singing the same song.

The interesting problem with not hearing any good news has been already explained by the 'despite' claims when things go well. Look at how terrible the pound dropping was, Carney and Osborne warning us all of the doom. Except as Mervyn king pointed out it has been the objective of the gov and BoE since 2008 because it is part of the recovery.

The BBC doesnt need to put on a positive spin. They just have to remove the negative spin.

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