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Dr. Mouse:

"I haven't been to the doctors in years, why should I pay for the NHS?

I haven't had any issues with crime, why should I pay for the police?

I haven't had a fire, why should I pay for the fire service?

I haven't had any foreign countries try to attack me, why should I pay for the armed forces?"

How does something that preserves life, or defends it, like the NHS, the fire service, or the military, equate to an entertainment service? And why should we be forced to pay for information we aren't necessarily interested in, or agree with?

If you think this hand-picked entertainment and information is so essential that we all have to pay for it, why don't we all pay for all the other information and entertainment out there? And why is this payment necessary for us to see all the other stuff that this tax doesn't pay for, and for which we have to pay extra?

The whole idea of the TV licence is a nonsense, but it represents a large pot of money (£3.7 billion per year, not 40p a day) that the establishment of this country appears to be so addicted to, that they continually support it within the Westminster bubble.

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