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"You don't see the issue because, amazingly, you're not aware that many people don't subscribe to Sky, Virgin or BT."

Actually - I don't subscribe either - which is why I added the following line:

"I don't pay you, I have to pay the BBC directly for that subset of service"

I don't even bother with an aerial or dish at all.

The very little TV that is worth watching is streamed from iPlayer (Blue Planet, Dr Who, some kids stuff) or 4OD/itvHub when appropriate.

But it's not worth the effort to put an aerial up, or hook up either of the satellite dishes I have on the side of my house, and it's certainly not worth paying Vermin media again.

I'm pretty sure I don't get good value from my license, but that's the way it is. I went for several years not having one, then they changed the rules, and for the sake of very little content I now get charged the full whack. I'd be happy with a PPV option frankly.

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