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"Quite agree. And we should also abolish tax on fags and booze, and VAT on sugary foods and drinks. That's what people actually want."

Interesting you see TV as a sin. Tobacco, booze and even the cries for sugar tax's are all tax's based on trying to change peoples behaviour by taxing a sin or vice. Of course it doesnt work completely which is why cigs are still smoked and have been subject to various regulatory attacks because apparently the freedom to make your own choices is bad. I do ask if freedom to do what people want is a bad thing (see your examples). Second hand smoke etc is a problem so places for smokers makes sense but the clamp down does seem to be a nannying issue. Also the idea of a minimum price on alcohol is not based on the real world, its just another way to fleece people. And of course sugar, the thing used throughout history that people want.

"Also I don't want to use a Trident. Does that mean we should pay for WMDs on a subscription basis?"

I am not sure if you think the BBC is as important as defending the country, or if you think the countries defence is as worthless as the BBC. Feel free to pick one.

"Sometimes it is in the interest of society as a whole to do things which individuals may not fully appreciate. Public education is one of those things."

Again you seem to misunderstand. We are ment to be discussing the BBC which you are now comparing with education (feel free to argue the education system is becoming as worthless as the BBC even though education is a public good). But pointing out that defence and education are good things paid from a central taxation does not translate to the BBC being so. Your gonna have to link those up if you want to have a real grounding for the BBC's value as a general taxation organisation.

People can and do pay for actual TV content they deem worth their personal time and work hours. People have so much access to information cheaply that the BBC as a news outlet is just another provider (their amusing biases do require other sources to be anywhere near informed). So what is the value of the BBC? If it is dr who and strictly I have nothing against that and it is nothing to be ashamed of, but it isnt my thing and I have other things I do actually like and pay for.

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