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Exact figures of how many complaints were received of political bias by the BBC are difficult to come by, although the BBC themselves have stated that the proportion of complaints of right-wing bias vs left-wing bias are roughly equal (ha ha what a surprise).

However, regardless of how many complaints there were on each side, this report from Ofcom is very telling:

Ofcom received 1,868 complaints of political bias between 2014 and 2017, none of which were upheld. Since this is the only objective criteria we currently have for measuring it, the only conclusion we can make is that the BBC is indeed politically neutral.

It is hard to believe this on a personal level, but this is almost certainly because we all feel very strongly about our own political leanings, and therefore it is difficult to not see a derogatory comment by the BBC against Corbyn and the Labour party as political bias, when in fact the same criticisms are also aimed at the Government and Tory party. You only have to look at terms such as "Brexiteer" and "Remoaner" (and the spirit in which they are employed) to see that most people cannot be objective about anything political.,

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