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Abolish the Telly Tax? Fat chance, say MPs at non-binding debate

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BBC doesn't have a political party bias, it has a metropolitan liberal bias. That needs to be fixed. Not hiring most of its staff from the Graun would be a good start. Banning things like the BBC news's infamous "tory cuts" billboard.

However the BBC license fee should be cut down from ~£150 to £50/year. One TV channel with a vastly reduced budget for entertainment, more news, more educational, more "things that the private sector won't do".

Strictly, as much as it is loved, is not necessary to be paid for by a television tax. Neither is (well, was) Bake Off or Eastenders.

If you want programmes like that you should have to subscribe. I'd pay more than I do now for the extra entertainment stuff. It's quite good. The fee would have to be more than the £100 shortfall I'm proposing as not everybody would subscribe. Fine. But we shouldn't be forced to pay for it *.

* Before somebody says it, don't pay isn't an option. I subscribe to Sky Sports, therefore I need to pay for Eastenders. Bizarre, but true.

Do we really need that many "comedy" panel shows stuffed with left wing comedians.

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