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They resurrected Longmire after it was cancelled. So yes, they make shows. I'm sure they make others.

I get the threat-a-grams with the clear window stating, 'What are you doing on (insert date). ' I wait for them to

knock but nothing happens. Give it a few weeks then the next threat arrives. TV Shows from around the globe arrive in my house via the internet. As yes I sometimes watch live sport by those means. Iit is my duty to resist unfair laws. Just like others have done in the past. Votes for women, Slavery, racial discrimination, etc..

All overturned because people took a stand. They were law breakers and could have gone to prison for their defiance. I hope they have a telly in my cellblock if they catch me watching live sport. I can't be arsed to check UK listings to see if some channel is showing the thing so I take the risk.

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