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Got a letter at work and I called them up as the option that covered our situation didn't exist on their website. I said yes we have a TV (two in fact) but no aerial connection to them. We don't really use them except for demonstrations where we need a big screen. The bloke said "You could have just have ticked another box you know" but that wouldn't be correct and I said so. I suggested that they should add another option which was just "other" with a space for your own explanation. He said that they'd be in contact in 12 months time to see if anything had changed. I said don't bother but I'll put money on them doing that.

At one place I temped at they were moving out of the building as the entire row of offices were going to be demolished. This was at the end of the licence period and at the new offices there was no TV so the redirected reminders and red ink letters went in the bin. The demolition crew apparently were very surprised when a bloke from Crapita/TVL turned up looking for the business.

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