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As much as I love the shows Netflix produces, they are all purely entertainment shows. The BBC outputs programs of all categories, including news, documentaries, weather forecasts, breakfast shows and Open University lectures just to name a few. Not to mention that the BBC has almost 70 radio stations and looks after the World Service channel.

As someone with two small children, I find the quality of programs on CBeebies and CBBC to be far greater than anything ITV, C5, Tiny Pop or Nikelodeon produces. Furthermore, the BBC also produces iPhone and Android games to complement their kids TV shows.

So, to compare Netflix and the BBC isn't 100% fair as Netflix outputs a small subset of the BBC's output. All of the categories of program the BBC produces are available by other means, but most of those are via services supported by adverts.

Having said all that, the debate referenced in the article wasn't "How good is the BBC?", it was about how should/could it be paid for. Personally, I'd be happy to pay for it another way other than the licence fee, and those potential other other methods are what the MPs should have been debating.

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