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Telly Tax or Adverts

Not in the days of digital. There is absolutely no technical impediment to prevent pay-per-view or short term pay even for over the air broadcasting. Sure, it is not implemented in the present STBs and TVs. This does not prevent the concept. If necessary the STBs can be swapped - the same way they were swapped in for digital.

The BBC, however will never allow this to happen.

1. If we pay for what we really view on BBC it will be reduced to Attenborough, a couple of game shows, 10pm news and maybe (just maybe) some of the cbbeebies programmes. +/- a couple of soaps. All the rest will die in less than a month.

2. The BBC has always been a foreign policy instrument. The government loves to pretend that it is not so (trying to make the occasional "additional funding" brown envelopes to the foreign service inconspicuous). However it was, it is and it will be. As long as the foreign service is in any way cross-subsidised by the telly tax, it can pretend to be independent. The moment we move to a pay-per-view system the government will have to fund all of the propaganda broadcast in Russian, Chinese, Korean, Farsi, etc directly, thus terminating any of the current illusions of independence. This is also the ultimate ace in the BBC corporation card deck. Every time the parliament and/or the government has looked at reducing the funding or making it more directly dependent on actual viewing it got a reply that "do that and the birdie gets it". At which point it has backed off again, again and again.

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