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London mayor: Self-driving cars? Not without jacked-up taxes, you don't!

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Increased taxation is required.

To deal with all the increased terrorism from driverless EV.

What's not to like?

1. No obvious guilty party.

2. Very rapid acceleration into unsuspecting innocents.

3. No need of a range greater than say 100m plus the distance into town.

Missing the point?

As with "man made global change/man made warming", as it is with congestion, isn't the ultimate problem an already too great a population* never mind the ever increasing population ( some 580,000 increase in 2016 alone)

*Overall, but certainly in concentrated areas, especially the "small village of 500 is soon to be a town of 25,000" scenarios, often without increased amenities.


Case in point, near here a main A road had a single crossroads. Then a small roundabout, then a two lane, then a three lane, and now a four lane roundabout, now with lights on every 30 yards or so.

You know when your set is gonna change to green cos the set beyond are just turning red.

£10's of millions spent, if not >100m. Result? Ever increasing queues on all approach and side roads, which themselves are falling to pieces for lack of maintenance.

Yeah, carry on with the progress folks.

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