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<blockquoteI don't think that's how it was intended.

If you read it as "this new tech is great, people will convert to it but that means we will lose revenue, so we need to change our tax systems," isn't that a perfectly reasonable thing for him to say?</blockquote>

Yes, it's a perfectly reasonable thing for him to say.

However, if that is what he's saying then he's being wilfully ignorant of the fact that the current low road taxes on EVs have always been intended to rise once EVs become mainstream.

Indeed, these changes are already happening -- the level of road tax is (partially) based on a vehicles' emissions, and the emission thresholds for getting lower tax rates have been going down steadily: cars that used to be taxed as low-emission have been pushed into higher bands and are no longer getting such a good tax rate as they used to.

The change is gradual, and not easy to notice as long as the headline is zero tax for pure electric vehicles, but that will change too eventually.

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