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"And, just to rub it in, we're spending the extra money checking up on those who are still complying with the regulations..."

Yes, it would make far more sense if, at least for say the first 5 years, applicants just fill out a fairly basic form, include a copy of their insurance and training certs and licence is rubber stamped. That should really not cost more than 10 or 20 quid each. ie assume by default that people are honest. That way you get pretty much everybody who needs a licence on the books. If it's then found at a later date that some people are applying with false details, then you notch up the rigor of the vetting scheme a bit, which may entail a small increase in the fees. It's not as if the CAA are also the enforcers of the actions of the users out in the field. That's the job of the Police if an offence has been/is being committed.

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