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It has been proven that the more abstract a transaction is the harder it is for us mere humans to appreciate the value of it. This is why the banks are so hot for phone apps, touch pay, phone pay etc. etc. Handing over physical money and getting change for it in comparison is absent when paying by card etc.

Banks like this because it results in people going overdrawn, exceeding their credit limits or just maxxing out their cards meaning they get new cards and go again etc. This makes money for the banks. They hate prudent people who keep their accounts in credit, pay off their cards, put off buying things until they have the money etc.

I refuse to use touch pay primarily because they keep increasing the max amount per transaction and the number of uses before you have to put your pin in. Which means if someone lifts my cards the amount they can get is significant all without knowing the pin. However the first time you use a card for touch pay you have to put your pin in. If I never do it my cards cannot be used without the pin.

I don't use banking or payment apps on my phone because my phone is not secure as those miscreants getting replacement sims and cloning phones by blagging on the phone without any of the security questions answered makes phones inherently insecure.

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