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There is even a company that is coming out with a kit to turn a previously loved vehicle battery into a mini DC fast charger for the home.

Yesterday's news, I'm afriad. Eaton announced an alliance with Nissan at least eighteen months ago to repurpose end of life EV batteries as static storage, and they aren't the only ones.

Unfortunately the problem is that all the static battery system design, case, control gear, packaging, certifications, QC, assembly, warranty, installation, sales and marketing costs are the same when using second hand cells as using new cells. So you end up with a modest cost saving on the cells, that in a typical domestic storage system would be about 30% of the total cost, saving you perhaps 3-7% of the net cost on a competing brand new system. That is so small that there's no real merit in putting up with some cells that (even with a warranty) have been given a good thrashing in automotive applications. You call it previously loved, but that's a fine euphemism - traction applications are brutal on batteries, because they demand very high current.

In larger commercial arrays the downsides and small cost savings might make more sense, but realistically it will be preferrable to recycle end of life batteries for the lithium rather than try and eke out their use for a modest cost saving. Also, although most grid arrays are currently lithium,. the chances are that as grid scale battery technology matures, other chemistries will prove preferrable.

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