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nbn™ to ISPs: share your speeds or we'll share 'em for you


> ADSL2 already got the minimum 25Mbs he promised for FTTN.

(Cough splutter expletive ROFL) Minimum 25Mbs? You do realise that the maximum theoretical speed for ADSL2+ is 24Mbs and in reality most people get a fraction of that (usually a small one). That's m-a-x-i-m-u-m, sorry I had to spell it you didn't seem to understand that was maximum not minimum. I for one look forward to you explaining in a follow up post explaining how my 3Mbs ADSL2+ is in reality a minimum of 25Mbs. If you can explain that I'll be impressed.

If you're going to put forward an argument that the NBN is a waste of money please only use real facts instead of alternative facts.

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