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Internal combustion morons will be proven wrong

Wait and see people, vehicle electrification is on it's way. Ranges are getting better. Soon there will be no good reason to be driving an internal combustion engine piece of crap. Tesla has already proved how outdated and outmoded it is. I have a LEAF that only has a 80 mile range and it's working for me. The Bolt is around the same price point now and has a 240 mile range. I love the way people are starting to wake up now. There are still naysayers. Everyone is an expert engineer and know better. Too bad they are getting proved wrong. Or, maybe the oil company shills have just been shamed and gave up. I also think it's funny that even companies like GM are talking up their electric vehicles now. Now that China has said that they are banning ICE vehicles. As always, it's all about the $$$$.

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