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"Aaaaaarrrgrghhhh! Will you lot PLEASE stop focusing on the range. Hauliers don't buy trucks based on range they buy trucks based on lifetime cost per mile."

The upfront price will be a huge factor too. These will not be cheap and there is a cost to service the financing. A more expensive truck will be more expensive to insure. All of the proposed safety tech won't mean a thing to insurance companies until they can look at real data and it proves itself to be true. Service costs will also be a factor for insurance. Tesla is very expensive when it comes to parts and service outside of warranty. If a comparable repair is 3x more for a Tesla than a Kenworth, that will just raise the cost of the insurance. Little things will still go wrong on a vehicle that is driven all day every day that aren't covered under warranty. Can a company get those parts quickly or will there always be a long wait. Will there be unreasonable entanglements that require that a factory technician does certain repairs to be able to get the replacement parts?

TCO is a valid argument, but ROI over time is as well. If it takes 10 years to break even with costs compared to an equivalent diesel truck, why would a company buy a Tesla and have to possibly spend another large sum of money to install charging infrastructure? Will Tesla still be around 10 years after the purchase and still supporting ten year old trucks? It's a big gamble that they will unless things change radically over the next couple of years.

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