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> Yeah I don't think any trucking company is going to be looking too hard at Tesla

In business, we have a series of habits. One of those is called market research.

Read those PR reports much more carefully. JB Hunt and the Walmart Division of China Manufacturing haven't written checks or signed agreements. They've "expressed an interest" and other wiggle words.

I'll bet that those demo trucks were mostly a shell and pretty rough underneath the covers. To have a proper deliverable vehicle in 2019, they need to have a dozen or more trucks on the road being driven hard every day right now. It's going to take a couple of years of all weather driving and breaking things to get it ready for production. They will also have to get premises to build them, make tooling, create testing jigs and on and on. A company such as Navistar already has facilities, experience and legacy components to draw on and Tesla will need to come up with all of that from scratch. There is also the matter of certifications so they will need some pre-production units that can be destroyed and possibly more if the design changes substantially.

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