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Besides the truck being FUGLY...

...Wall Street is starting to understand that Tesla is just burning thru a billion in cash each quarter without being able to deliver Model 3, while dealing with lawsuits over Model S defects and the deaths that occurred from the use of "Autopilot". Wall Street types do not believe that Tesla can continue much longer without going back to the (sucker) well to get more cash to continue NOT making a dime in profit since they began operations using U.S. tax payer funds provided by the U.S. Federal gov'ment. The impractical truck for long hauls and the cutesy new Roadster will just sap more cash from Tesla who is losing money faster than it can be printed.

Elon continues to dupe the gullible with sideshows that may never even come to fruition as they can't even deliver the Model 3 which they have banked on to make them profitable. Musk claimed they would be producing 30,000 Model 3 vehicles by Dec. 2017 though he can't explain who would actually buy these vehicles as they have trivial vehicle deposits. GM has projected sales of it's Bolt EV at 35,000 annually. Even though the Bolt is priced around $35K in the U.S. sales are poor as there simply aren't many people foolish enough to buy into the meritless delusions of EVs which are impractical for 99+ % of the world.

Some folks seem to believe that electricity is free but I haven't found any place where that is true. In addition the EV batteries are not lasting 10+ years as predicted. They are needing to be replaced in as early as 5-6 years with a cost of ~$14,000 U.S. When do the math EVs simply don't add up for most of the world. Anywhere that sees very hot or cold weather makes the range on these EVs drop close to 50% when heating or A/C is used. Hydrogen fuel cell tech is the only practical solution for an EV but refilling stations would need to be added. You can fill the tank of a fuel cell vehicle in about 5 minutes and get 300+ miles without issue from all current fuel cell cars.

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