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If there are chargers at truck service areas, truck is a good candidate for electric. It has a pre-defined range which is ~ 500 miles per day. 60 miles per hour (speed limiter), mandatory limits per day and mandatory rest periods which end up with ~ 500 miles per day with one driver.

Funny you should say that I was helping set up two different retail shops (for the same parent company) situated about 200 yards apart on the same road. I was waiting at the second shop for the truck to come from outside the first but there was no movement. Walked up there given I had equipment, cabling etc. in the back and asked why he wasn't moving. He said he had to have a rest period as mandated in the law and this was it. Asked whether he could have taken the rest period after driving the 200 yards to the other store but not he couldn't. So I told people to take their lunch immediately because he even wouldn't open the back of the vehicle to allow us to move stuff ourselves. At another store they were waiting for a truck that was held up because of driver rest periods. He hadn't got in to the rest stop until 9pm (11 hours rest) and therefore hadn't started driving again until 8:30am after breakfast. He was supposed to be there at 9am and had actually arrived an hour and a half late. delaying the start of fitting out. Therefore 11 hours should be plenty to recharge the batteries of both Tesla Truck and Driver.

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