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Tesla launches electric truck it guarantees won't break for a million miles

Chris Miller


I drive a plug-in hybrid with a claimed electric only range of 30 miles. On a sunny summer's day on pan-flat terrain, given a light foot and driven at a constant 56 mph, that could well be achievable. But I live in the Chiltern hills, with lots of 15% inclines, and I've never seen better than 24 miles. In winter, when batteries are less efficient and there's extra demand for lighting, heating, wipers etc, I often see less than 20 miles. Manufacturers' range figures should be treated like mpg claims for internal combustion vehicles: a good standard comparator, but not likely to be achieved in real-world use.

As an aside, my car gets around 3 miles/kWh. Tesla claims for its Semi "< 2 kWh/mile" and a range of 300 miles (or 500 with a bigger battery option). So there must be at least 600 kWh of battery, and recharging that to 80% full in 30 minutes is going to need a 1MW supply. Connecting that safely and dealing with the waste heat is a non-trivial engineering challenge in itself. Dealing with 10 or 20 electric trucks simultaneously ...

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