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I would include a 4 cyl diesel engine anyway, to charge batteries while driving [or while sitting at a truck stop].

Just worth pointing out, the worst problem to solve in trucking is ADEQUATE AIR CONDITIONING.

As a truck driver, you're sitting on top of a high horsepower engine, constantly. Even good insulation isn't enough to block that heat on a hot day. You're gonna ROAST without proper air conditioning. And air conditioning uses power. It gets worse on hills during the summer, like the 'Grapevine' north of L.A., where drivers basically have to go slow in the 'special truck lane' and suffer through the heat. And so on. And the downlhill speed is limited to 15mph as I recall... (for safety). And uphill speed might be slower, depending. So not a lot of wind to help, yeah.

I suppose if you plan your trip properly, you use energy giong up hill, and try to restore it going down with dynamic braking. But what if the batteries are already fully charged? You'll need a way to dissipate the extra power, maybe a resistor bank with a cooling system [like trains have].

I have a strong, sneaky suspicion that this electric truck was designed by people who've never driven one on a long haul. So maybe my uncle (who owns a trucking business, though he's close to retiring now) could consult for them. Or any OTHER experienced driver that understands electricity and mechanical engineering, for that matter.

I think they'll need that. Otherwise, it's like the proverbial "Superiority" (by Arthur C. Clarke) problem.

New, Shiny not always "superior", yeah.

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