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No, thank you

> too many cooks ruin the pot

We tried this idea at one of my previous employers - pair programming. It was all the craze in the late '90's / early 2000's.

Think of having someone you don't necessarily like breathing over your shoulder while you're trying to think. Because of workspace constraints, he/she is well inside your space. And he/she makes comments. And he/she has suggestions on how to make code that hasn't been written yet better. He/she can read your thoughts ahead of you. He/she knows that you will be wrong 1 minute and 13 seconds from now.

After two weeks of this brilliant an innovative way of getting on each other's nerves to the point where changing careers and becoming a pest exterminator sounds like a viable option, half the programmers threatened to quit. That was the end of this ground-breaking experiment.

If I need to ask someone a question, I send them an email, or I RTFM. Not necessarily in that order. RTFM first is always better.

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